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    K-12 Education


    K-12 facilities are focused on one thing: preparing the next generation for the future. So, when it comes to IT infrastructure, it just needs to work. Applied Data Solutions helps you with all of the behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that your staff and teachers only worry about doing their jobs. When everything works as expected, instructional time is maximized and our future looks that much brighter.

    As new technologies evolve and are adopted, educational implementation does not have to fall behind. With Applied Data Technologies, you get a partner you can trust to build and maintain a flexible infrastructure that adapts to the ever-changing face of technology. Our offerings allow you to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the backbone to support students and staff, whether it is traditional approaches or innovative, new technologies.

    You can count on the solutions and services from Applied Data Technologies to allow your IT staff to focus on students and their needs—reducing downtime, costs and frustration.