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    Procurement Management

    Whether your business requires hardware, software or services, we provide a comprehensive procurement solution for your technology needs. Our personalized inside account managers and extensive vendor relationships enable your business to reduce acquisition costs and potentially decrease your ongoing support costs.

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    IT leaders today face numerous challenges, from defining and improving strategy to selecting the right suppliers. The time and energy it takes to tackle different procurement approaches is not scalable or sustainable. That is where our team comes in. Applied Data Technologies works with you to develop a custom-designed strategy to meet your unique service requirements. This enables you to focus and effectively assess, plan, build and deploy emerging technologies throughout your corporate infrastructure.

    Applied Data Technologies allows you to:

    • Easily evaluate and source IT assets
    • Simplify procurement and workflow to mitigate costs.
    • Make purchasing decisions based on real-time product details.
    • Focus on decision making, rather than managing vendor relationships.
    • Control costs and payment terms to maximize return on investment.

    Managing your procurement strategy can result in significant return on investment. Our experience in the industry helps your business increase efficiency and productivity. Our strong partnerships give you advantage over doing things manually.