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    We offer a range of professional services to ensure that your IT environment delivers on its promise. The professionals at Applied Data Technologies are with you every step of the way—from inception to deployment.

    Our professional services are composed of:

    Procurement Management
    Ensure that you get the right technology—at the right price. Our knowledge and connections to vendors assure that your IT environment is selected and secure.

    Network & Infrastructure Design
    Move existing IT infrastructure to a new facility or build and manage new deployments. Our team can help make sense out of the complexity of developing an efficient solution for your business.

    Install and activate your physical and software environments.

    Hardware & software
    Roll out optimal hardware and software to deliver an efficient, stable and scalable IT environment. Choosing the right combinations to achieve reliable IT solutions can be a pain. You can trust our experts to lead the way.

    Plan for the future and build for today—with a budget that makes sense. Our experts help you manage and adhere to budget while preparing for future expenses.