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    When it comes to implementing new technology, time is of the essence. End-user downtime is a major concern and the team at Applied Data Technologies understands your concerns and needs. Our deployment services ensure that things are done efficiently and correctly—saving you time and money.

    Whether you are supporting ongoing installation or are tackling a major rollout, our configuration
    and IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) services help you achieve a smooth and rapid deployment with minimal disruption.

    Deployment service include:

    Assisting you in reducing order cycle times, we offer comprehensive solutions for servers, desktops and laptops either at our facility or on-premise. We deliver your systems fully configured according to your specifications, pre-tested and ready for plug-and-play installation. By reducing the amount of work that occurs at your end user’s desk, we help you improve efficiency and increase productivity.

    Our install, move, add and change services help you with the efficiency of your IT strategy. By serving as your single point of contact, we remove the burden of managing multiple service providers, ensuring that your end users receive consistent service. Our dedicated professionals work with you to design an effective service plan that minimizes management and support costs, allowing you to focus on your business.